About Me

Britney StormMy name is Britney Storm and I’m 23 years old. I currently live in Minnesota, but plan on moving to Florida once I can afford to move that is! 🙂

Back in 2011 I was over weight and not a happy person. Back then my friends wanted me to go with them to Mexico on vacation and frankly I had my doubts.

But, they ended up convincing me and I decided to go. We had a blast site seeing, biking, hiking, and we also took surfing lessons while we were there. We ended up surfing for hours each day we were on vacation and even though I was really sore I kept at it. I ended up losing 15 pounds on my 3 week trip because of all the outdoor activity and have become an exercise nut ever since 🙂

Since I arrived home from Mexico I’ve been working out and having a blast. I’ve lost another 35 pounds over the last 2 years for a grand total of 50 pounds I’ve lost since 2011. I now have a real passion for being outdoors and I spend a lot of time working out, riding my bike and hanging out with family and friends. So, I thought why not have a website that is about surfing, working out, fitness and mexico!