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Surfboards – When A Girl From The Midwest Decides To Use Them!

When my girlfriends and I decided to vacation in Baja, Mexico we had no idea exactly WHAT we were going to encounter. But, we did know that whatever we did it was going to fun and exciting. We had already tried bodyboards and decided now we wanted to try standing up on a board.

Well, we did not want to try standing up on the bodyboard. I know people do that but not me or my girlfriends. We are all beginners and wanted a big surfboard. So, we were told we needed a longboard to get started since they are perfect for beginners.

So, we went to a local rental shop like we did for the bodyboards and rented ourselves 5 longboards since it was my 4 girlfriends and myself. We also knew we were going to need some instruction as well and were hoping to find some locals to help us so we would not have to shell out more money.


Well, five women with longboards wanting to learn to surf stick out like a sore thumb. Since we are young and in my opinion attractive as well that does help when you want someone to help you. 😉

So, we were standing on the beach and had our boards with us and up walks 3 guys who were on vacation from Texas, USA. Just like when we were bodyboarding we met two guys from the USA and now we meet 3 more. So, we are pretty lucky!

Anyway, we introduced ourselves and they were all in there 20’s like we are, so that helped a lot. They gave us some basic surfing tips and showed us how to pop up after you have paddled out onto a wave and how to stand on the boards while your riding the wave.

I will say that the bodyboarding is tons easier then surfing, that’s for sure. But, since you have to stand up on the board once you catch a wave it stand to reason, you know? I’m confident when I can get some more (a lot more) practice in I will be able to do quite well.

I’m very envious of the people who grow up on the coast and get to learn to do so many different things in the ocean at a young age. I grew up in the Midwest where it is filled with farms, ponds and lakes. Ponds and lakes that are breeding grounds for tons and tons of mosquitoes.

Don’t get me wrong, the Midwest is beautiful and all. But, after living here your whole life it gets to be quite boring. So, I’m excited to save up enough money to get out of the Midwest and move to the coast. I want to move to Florida first and spend most of my time on the beach and surfing, bodyboarding and many other fun things too.

For my next post I’ll be talking about my My Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure. Come and check it out.