Lucha Libre Terms And Moves

This is a list of Lucha Libre Terms and Moves that I’ve compiled for those that have been asking about it. So, here you go. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Lucha Libre Terms:

AAA: Asistencia Asesoría y Administración: Translated means “Assistance Advising and Administrating.”

A ganar dos de tres caídas sin limite de tiempo: Translated means “To win 2 out of 3 falls without a limit of time.”

A ganar una sola caída con limite de diez minutas: Translated means “ To win a single fall with a ten minute time limit.”

Atómicos: Means a team made up of 4 people.

Batalla: Is what a battle or match is called.

Cabellera: Means Hair.

Caída: Means to fall.

Campeón; Means champion.

Campeonato: Means Championship.

Castida: Means damage or pain.

CMLL: Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre: Translated means “World council of Lucha Libre.”

El capitán: This is the team captain.

El cuadrilátero: Means the ring.

El jefe: Means the chief which also means the team captain.

Lucha Libre - El Hijo de Santo vs Blue Demon Jr

El réferee: Means referee.

EMLL: Empresa Mejicana de Lucha Libre: Translated means “Mexican Company of Lucha Libre.“

En la esquina técnica: Translated means “In the corner of the faces.”

Faces: Heros

Foul: This is called a low blow instead of a DQ.

Heels: Villains

Jaula: Means to fight in a cage.

La máscara: Is a mask.

Los Minis: Means the midgets.

Los rudos, los rudos, los ruuuudos: This is something that Arturo Riviéra is someone who may shout this if the heels end up winning a fall.

Los técnicos, los técnicos, los técnicos: This is something that Andres Moroñas may shout when the faces (hero) end up winning a fall.

Lucha Libre: This means free fighting in the sense of Wrestling and not to be taken as a “free for all” like it’s meant in the USA.

Luchador: This means the Wrestler.

Lucharan: Means “They will fight”.

Parejas: Means tag teams.

Por el bando rudo: Translated means “Representing the gang of the heels (villains).”

Primera: Means to be first.

Rudo: Is a hard core person, a heavy duty fighter, a brawler, a person who sometimes fights dirty.

Segunda: Means to be second.

Técnico: Is a person is considered a Craftsman and is usually considered a fan favorite.

Tercera: Means to be third.

Trios: Means a team made up of 3 people.

Lucha Libre Moves:

Centón: This move is called a blanket. Basically it’s a move where your splashing your opponent with your back.

Espanos Planes: This is a pin move to get them flat on there back.

Guillotina: This simply is a leg drop.

Lucha Libre

Huracán rana: This is a move created by Huracan Ramirez but actually was made quite popular by Rey Misterio Jr. Basically it is a pin position that you would get in after a head scissors take down. By the way, a flying head scissor that does not end in a “rana” pin hold is NOT a Huracán rana, but is instead called a victory roll.

Parejas Increíbles: This means incredible pairings like maybe a member of the heels team pairing up with one of the faces team members.

Plancha: This is an “Iron Board” which is a move where you splash your opponent, a good example would be a flying cross body press.

Rana: This is the frog moves which is a pinning position where you use your legs to hold your opponents shoulders on the mat and during the process also blocking his legs with your arms.

Suicida: This usually means any move done outside of the ring. For example, if the luchador hits his opponent head first by jumping off the top rope into him on the outside of the ring.

Tope: This means giving a headbutt, so just about any move that uses your head.

Tornillo: This means the screw move that was invented by Mr. Hector Garza which consists of a
plancha that’s a full twist around his axis starting from the very top of the turnbuckle and ending up on the outside of the ring.

Hopefully I covered all of the basics and you’re happy with the above info. 😉

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