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Overseas Adventure Travel vs Adventure Travel – What is it?

Ok, in my last post I told you all about My Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure and it was a blast! My girlfriends and I really had so much fun we will never forget it.

But, in this post I’m going to be talking about what the difference between “Overseas Adventure Travel” and “Adventure Travel”. So, lets get started:

Overseas Adventure Travel is actually a brand of an operation from a company that does group travel to foreign locations for people over 50 years of age.

Adventure Travel is a type of traveling and is for people of any age. This type of traveling is most exciting because it involves exploration and travel to exotic and far away places. Think of adventure travel as being anything that’s physical and involves a different language then your own and something involving nature. So, any two of the preceding three things I listed would be “Adventure Travel” in my mind. 🙂

Adventure Travel

Most of these types of events that take place outside your comfort zone and can also include basically anything dangerous or risky that you can think of such as: surfing, bungee jumping, bodyboarding, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, rafting, mountain climbing or tons of other possibilities.

This is what my girlfriends and I did when we went to Mexico. We were out of our comfort zone, in a far away place, a different language was spoken other then what we were use too and we did tons of risky things. You will notice from other posts on my site that my girlfriends and I had so much fun doing tons of things such as Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Body boarding and so much more.

For example we also went hiking, caving, biking, swimming, fishing, scuba diving and many more things that I will talk about on the blog as time permits.

Adventure Travel

Oooh, I almost forgot my girlfriends and I and Joey and his boys all went horseback riding. There was a two hour tour we went on and it was so much fun. My horse I decided to call “princess” and she was a beautiful arabian horse with four white ankles that looked like socks.

My girlfriends were on quarter horses and Joey was on a paint and his boys were on two quarter horses and one Arabian. It was a nice relaxing ride and the horses were so sweet.

Make sure to check out my next post when I talk about??? 😉