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My Bodyboard Experience

When I first tried bodyboarding in Mexico it was a total rush! I was scared to death since I’m from the Midwest of the United States and did not know what to expect. But, my four girlfriends said I had to give it a try. So, they came out with me on their own bodyboards and we had a great time. But, I fell off I think more times then I stayed on! 😉

We were in Baja, Mexico and having a blast partying, eating the food and seeing the sights. You know, I did not realize how nice the people in Mexico would be. I guess I thought they would not like Americans coming into their country all that much. But, I was totally wrong, they were really nice people to talk too and interact with.


I was told I was getting the hang of Boogieboarding and I honestly did not know what that term meant. So, I had to look it up and it turns out it means the same thing as bodyboarding. But, frankly riding on my stomach seems a lot easier then standing up on a surfboard.

But after about 3 hours of being out in the water we were soo tired. We, went and had tacos for lunch. Surprising to have Mexican food in Mexico, right? But the food and drink were good and we then went walking around looking at the sites and sounds and really had a lot of fun.

The vendors were so nice selling so many different things I wished I could buy them all. But, where would I put everything? We saw so many hand made items that were so intricate they were amazing. So, next time I come here I’m going to bring an extra suitcase or two just to store all of the things I wish to buy while I’m here.


We went back to the beach later in the day and met a couple of guys that were surfers from California in the USA. They were cool and they even boogieboarded with us too. We had soo much fun with them and everything we did in Mexico.

You know I was told that the prices would be insane when I got here and that was not true at all. The prices were really cheap with I would say at least 80% of the vendors and the quality of the merchandise was good as well.

So, anyone who is considering going to any destination in Mexico needs to know that most of the vendors I encountered were nice and pleasant and easy to deal with. They just wanted to earn a living and were not out to screw anyone from what I could tell. My girlfriends and I were treated very well.

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