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5 Best Cancun Beaches For Surfing In Mexico

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Are you looking forward to surfing in Cancun, Mexico? Well, the country is home to some of the best surfers and surfing beaches in Cancun. It hosts some of the best beaches in Mexico. You can visit the beaches whether you are a beginner in bodysurfing or you intend to enjoy surf art during your holiday vacation here. Tourists from the United States and Canada consider Cancun beach in Mexico the best spots for any surfing in the world. For many years, Cancun beach and Cancun beach resorts have been flooded in the summers. Finding where to surf in Cancun can be difficult during summers.

Cancun beach may be different from the pictures you see on the internet. The beach experiences strong waves during winter. However, Mexico being a coastal city, is home to many beaches that you cannot afford to miss surfing this summer. This article discusses some of the best five Cancun beaches that you can visit to enjoy surfing in Mexico to the fullest.

The Cancun Beaches for Surfing during the Holidays

1.  Playa Delfines

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Playa Delfines Cancun, also known as the Dolphin Beach, is one of the most visited beaches for Cancun surfing in México. For many years, tourists have been visiting this beach to take pictures given its appealing landscape. This is the best public surf spots available for practicing surf art in Mexico. Most of the public visit this place during the summer to enjoy the sunrays. The beach has strong currents hence unfavorable for beginners in surfing. It is one of the beaches in Cancun with most annual visits.

Notably, most people visiting the beach do not swim here because of the strong currents that are scary. If you are an advanced surfer, then you can enjoy surfing on this Cancun beach. If you want to get a good view of the ocean, then Playa Delfines Cancun is the right beach to visit. The beach is located approximately 19 Kilometers away from the Cancun Hotel Zone.

2. Playa Marlin

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

If you are a beginner at surfing, then Playa Beach is the place to be this summer. This Cancun beach can get nasty sometimes when the strong winds start blowing. It experiences long and strong waves ideal for those with skills in surfing.

You can get to the beach through Luxury Avenue. It is located 13 kilometers behind the Kukulkam Mall. Ensure you carry your handboard and surfboard for surfing if you want to enjoy swimming here. Do not forget to bring your food too for some energy boost because no rental shops are found on this Cancun beach.

3. Playa Chac Mool

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Playa Chac Mool is another Cancun beach for surfing in Mexico that you should not hesitate to visit this summer. The beach is named after a famous Mayan sculpture. The water here is crystal, clear, and cold. Weak and robust waves characterize the beach during the day. On visiting the beach, it may seem unfavorable for surfing Cancun until you get your surfing board on and you cannot stop. The most successful surfers from Quintana Roo recommend this beach as the best spot for surfing in Mexico.

When visiting this beach for your dawn patrol, you do not have to carry your handboard with you. A famous surfing school has been established here to provide you surfing lessons and offer you rent equipment for surfing Cancun. This helps you to walk free to the city after surfing without having to carry your surfboard around. Playa Beach is home to some of the best nightclubs, restaurants, Cancun beach resorts, and shopping malls in Mexico. These facilities make surfing in Cancun Mexico enjoyable.

4.  Playa Ballenas

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This is one of the “silent” beaches in Cancun downtown. Most Mexicans do not visit this beach because of its location and space. The beach has a small parking lot that can accommodate a few cars. If you are looking forward to surfing in Mexico at a less crowded beach, then Playa Ballenas is the place for you. This beach is found between two famous resorts in Mexico; Secrets the Vine and Hard Rock Hotel. You could stop by at Cancun Hotel Zone and take some drinks on your way to surf in Cancun. The beach is approximately 14 kilometers of the Boulevard Kokulkam.

If you want to improve your bodysurfing skills on a private beach, then this is the most recommended beaches for surfing in Cancun Mexico. Sometimes it gets nasty here and taking it to the beach might cost your life. On calm weather, the waves here extend from 1 meter, which is ideal for anyone with no skills in bodysurfing.

5. Playa Tortugas

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Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

This is one of the most sought surf spots in Mexico for dawn patrol. Playa Tortugas is a public beach open for swimming, surfing, entertainment, and diving. Some of the things to do in Cancun that you cannot miss come freely on the beach. Most people visit this beach during the summer to enjoy the warm weather here while surfing in Cancun, Mexico. The water is shallow here making it ideal for those learning how to surf and dive.

Playa Tortugas is located 8 kilometers off the city. It has ample parking space for cars, so you do not have to worry about your vehicle. People from all lifestyles come here to enjoy the shallow waters at the beach and interact through different entertainment activities such as beach volleyball and jumping. Cancun beach is the right place to visit this summer for a surfer looking for where to surf in Cancun with family.


Surfing in Mexico is never complete until you visit some of the Cancun beaches discussed here. Most Cancun public beaches are well maintained because they are major tourist attraction spots in the country. During the summer, people from different parts of the world visit the beaches to enjoy their holidays. Cancun is a unique place you can visit this summer for Cancun surfing.

Although most of the beaches lack extra-large waves, the clear water in the sea makes them stand out. Also, locating the beaches is not a challenging task because most of them are just a few kilometers away from the city. The beaches border some of the worlds is leading restaurant and shopping points where you can shop for anything under a roof.

Cancun Beach extends for almost 25 kilometers, which makes it ideal for riding jet skies. Cancun borders the Caribbean Sea on the right and the famous Nichupte Lagoon on the left. By visiting any Cancun beach, you can be sure to see some of the most fascinating and historical sites in Quintana Roo. Lastly, for lovers of swimming and surfing, these are a must visit places in a lifetime for surfing in Mexico. You have many things to do in Cancun, and surfing is one of them.

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