7 Great Benefits Of Dawn Patrol Surfing

Benefits of Dawn Patrol Surfing

Dawn Patrol?? Does that ring any bell? For all those who are still pondering about the term, it means “a surfer who reaches the beach before sunrise for surfing.”

Not every surfer is really keen on gearing up really early in the morning for surfing (even before sunrise). But for some, it gives immense pleasure and extreme joy. It’s all about passion, that’s what some hardcore dawn surfers have to say when asked about it. They say “nothing can beat the feeling of clutching your surfboard really tight and rushing to the beach; slanting and navigating through the gigantic waves”.

So what are the real benefits of Dawn Patrol Surfing?

1. It disciplines you

Surfers really believe in disciplining their mind and body, hence they believe dawn surfing can do miracles and rejuvenates them throughout the day. An early riser always has his/her benefits. On top of that, you have an entire day all to yourself after surfing.

It isn’t that easy to get up from your comfy bed when it is all cozy and too tempting to sleep for a few more hours. But dawn surfing helps you come out of your languor and drag yourself to be in the beautiful sea, and play with the terrific waves the way you want.

After a while, let us assure you, it becomes your priority and not a necessity.

2. Beat the crowd

Crowd surfing in the beach
Photo by Cameron Stow on Unsplash

If you are a loner and have always loved the company of your own self then dawn surfing is the perfect choice for you.

Not many have the courage and stamina to face the waves that lap early in the morning. Therefore, it is a known fact that you will never find much crowd anywhere around the world during these odd hours.

So is there any other better option than going in the wee hours of the morning to get your perfect surf moment?

3. Helps in proper work-life balance

Gone are those days when one could easily get back home in the evening and prep up for their work out, not anymore! At least for a majority, they get back home from work to hit the sack as soon as possible. With droopy eyes and an exhausted mind little would you get time for surfing. So is there any better option than being a dawn surfer?

For workaholics, dawn surfing is the only way through which they can keep up the momentum of a strong work-life balance.

You can even get back home after your surf, take a quick shower, eat your heavy breakfast and get to the office as a happy soul. Perhaps you might even have some time to read through the morning headlines!

4. Get to avoid the Sun

Avoid the sun
Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash

If you are a hardcore surfer, your body is prone to white spots and tans caused by extreme exposure to the sun. After a point, doctors might even warn you to avoid the sun. So it is always better to surf in the dawn to prevent any kind of skin cancer and harmful skin diseases.

Also, dehydration is nowhere in the scene and your body fluids are no way going to be exhausted due to the sun while dawn surfing.

Wouldn’t all these factors call for some perfect moments for dawn surfing?

5. Embrace the right wind

We all know that wind plays a crucial role in surfing. When morning breaks into day, it isn’t a very comfortable situation because the waves get quite tricky, making it really hard for surfing (unless you are a pro at surfing).

Especially for beginners, there couldn’t be any other better option to learn the tricks and trades of surfing during these hours. No sun, right wind, and no crowd, what more do you need?

6. See the morning colors

Morning colors of the beach
Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

Yes, we mean it when we say morning colors!

Did you know? Just before the sun marks its presence, the sky reveals its colors in pink, blue or even golden. Just like those beautiful colors of nature, your day too brightens up when you behold the magic of nature. Perhaps this can be your morning inspiration to drag yourself out of your comfort zone.

7. Easy to experiment with waves

Experiment with small waves
Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash

This should actually be the most important of all. The waves are not that heavy when you try dawn patrolling, therefore, it is really easy to learn the tips and tricks of surfing in small waves. You do not have to worry about being a hassle for anybody. Even when you take a faulty move, you can be really shameless and strive hard to master the art of surfing.


We have dived into the major benefits of dawn surfing. Not many are up for it because it isn’t easy to pull yourselves out of your bed. We totally understand, but as we said in the beginning, go dawn patroling consistently for a week and you will realize that it has become your priority and not a necessity.

Now that you know about the benefits of dawn patrolling, let’s help you with some great tips.

Tips Before You Start Dawn Patrolling

1. Go to bed early

Go to bed early
Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash

Do not waste your time looking at your mobile screen or working out just before your sleep. All these factors may coax you to NOT to get up on time for surfing (leaving you exhausted and demanding more time to sleep). So if you are really keen on dawn patrolling, make sure that you get some good hours of sleep.

2. Buy a good SHARK REPELLENT cream

Get a really good shark repellent cream. Since dawn patrolling is going to happen in the dark, be prepared to witness some sharks. When its really dark and silent sharks are on the lookout for their prey.

Be cautious when you take the plunge into the sea. We are not scaring you, we are only asking you to be really CAREFUL!

3. Stay hydrated and eat HEALTHY

Eat healthy
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Drink lots of water… Yuzzz! the most important of all. You tend to lose a lot of your body fluids when you are out there surfing. Therefore, as soon as you finish surfing, or in between when you take breaks, keep sipping water. This will help you stay healthy and hydrated.

Say NO to coffee and focus more on pure normal water. There is no substitute ever for water and its umpteen health benefits.

Eat a lot of protein-rich food with the right mix of fruits and a lot of green leafy vegetables. You have the perfect diet intact here.

A healthy diet and proper work out is all you need in this world to stay healthy and live life to the fullest.

Follow these tips and make sure to get amazing dawn patrolling experiences. Share your lovely experiences in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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