About Us

How It All Began?

Surf Mexico is the brainchild of Britney Storm, who first discovered her love for surfing on an unplanned trip to Mexico. It all began in 2011, when an unplanned getaway to Mexico with friends, introduced Britney to surfing. The first time she rode Mexico’s warm waves as part of her surfing lessons, she found her calling. Britney knew, in her very bones, that she belonged in the outdoors. Ever since, she has been happily chasing waves, riding bikes, hiking mountains and living life to the fullest.

Her new-found active lifestyle helped Britney lose 50 pounds in two years! And so, year after year, Britney returned to the waves in Mexico to surf and soak in the best of life.Today, she travels to Mexico with her partner and children. You may as well call it their annual family tradition.

On Britney’s frequent trips to Mexico in the past, she realised that there was not enough information online to satiate her love for surfing in Mexico. Some websites offered incomplete and faulty information on surfing, surf lessons and surf-friendly beaches. Most others, had tons of information on the globe, but none dedicated to surfing in Mexico. Britney wanted to focus her attention on an area of the world that she knew thoroughly. Nothing made her happier than to speak of the locations she visited and share travel and wellness tips.

surfing the blue ocean in mexico

One ambitious day, Britney wished to inspire people to embrace an active and healthy way of life. And so, Surf Mexico was born. Britney founded Surf Mexico to share about surfing, working out, fitness and Mexico. Simply put, Surf Mexico is everything Britney loves. She hopes to be able to move to Florida from her current home in Minnesota someday, just to be closer to her favourite waves in Mexico.

Britney hopes to see you in Mexico, enjoying yourself to the fullest. Surf Mexico is here to help you have a great trip! If you wish to share your surfing experience in Mexico, let us know!

Que Tengas Buen Viaje!