DIY Tips To Create Amazing Surfboard Art

Assorted-color surfboards near shores

In recent years, surf culture has taken the world by storm. People with all levels of experience are joining in and experiencing the thrill of being on the water by riding those waves on the surfboard with a passion that can easily be mistaken for lunacy. Yes, that’s correct. It’s genuinely very rare to come across a person who gave up surfing because they didn’t enjoy it. Surfing tends to have this addicting quality that even absolute beginners can testify to.

From its humble beginnings as a Polynesian pastime to becoming a present-day global phenomenon, surfing’s popularity continues to sky-rocket. With a massive cult-like following, the world of surfing has its own little unique trends and quirks. If you haven’t guessed already, we’re talking about the surfboard art trend where surfboards are painted and decorated with beautiful colors and creative ideas to make them stand out while out amongst the waves. Surfers have been using their surfboards as their canvas for pouring out their creative ideas and artistic visions.

Painting your surfboard is a great way to express your creative side to the world while making an artistic statement while out on the waves. Surfboard art can also be a great addition to your beach-themed decor and can be easily hung on the wall to display. Here are some DIY tips on how to create your very own surfboard art.

1. Getting The Raw Ideas Out

Man holding a painted surfboard
Photo by Mig OConnell on Pixabay

Before you hold the brush and let your imagination go wild and get all of those raw ideas out. Think about what inspires you, what you think is rad or whatever it is that speaks to you. Think of yourself as a surfer, but also as an individual with a unique taste, what would you want your surfboard to reflect? Remember to think outside the box when coming up with surf art ideas and be original. The surfboard along with the surfboard art will come to be an extension of yourself and your personality. Make sure you put a lot of thought into the design and overall look so that you feel confident displaying your surfboard art while in public.

Once you have a solid surf art idea in mind, begin by making a rough sketch. The surfboard offers huge canvas space and since small designs are unlikely to be visible from far away, sketch out your idea as big as possible. Use the space that your surfboard has to offer. Your surfboard art could feature anything you like. Most surfboard art includes stunning geometric patterns to in-depth design on characters and places. Surfboard art is, in fact, highly diverse so go crazy with yours!

There are a variety of tools you can use to sketch out your raw surfboard art ideas. Depending on your preference, you can use a pencil, chalk, tape or stencil. You can sketch out the idea on the board and take a photo of it once you’re done so that you can use it as a reference when you start painting.

2. Cleaning Your Surfboard

Blue surfboard on gray sand
Photo by Louis Moncouyoux on Unsplash

This is probably the most crucial, and often the most overlooked, step while painting your surfboard. A lot of surfers tend to go through this step haphazardly only to regret it later. Surfboards need a lot of polishing and cleaning before you start painting on them. Sure, you have a blank canvas, but the canvas is hardly suitable for painting unless you properly treat it first.

If you’re a relatively new surfer, learning how to surf, you have probably noticed that the surface of a surfboard has a lot of wax, dirt, and oil on its surface. If you want to convert your canvas into a cool surfboard with amazing art, make sure you start by cleaning your surfboard with acetone. The paint won’t stick onto the surfboard if you leave any unnecessary residue.

Acetone is an excellent solvent to use as it will remove most of the wax, oil, and dirt on the surface of your surfboard. Use a paper towel or a rag to scrub the surfboard surface to get rid of all the residue. Once you’re finished scrubbing the surfboard with acetone, get your surfboard a light sanding. This will give your surfboard a glossy surface, perfect for holding paint in place.

3. Tapping Unused Areas Of Your Surfboard

Female surfboarder and sky
Photo by Filipp Nekhaev on Unsplash

One way to ensure you end up with a cool surfboard after you finish painting it is to tape the areas you won’t be painting on to avoid getting any paint on them. This way, your finished surfboard art will look clean. You can also use the tape to draw your art on and then cut the excess tape. This way you can avoid making any mistakes when painting.

4. Painting Your Surfboard

Multicolored surfboard on body of water
Photo by Joe Pregadio on Unsplash

Begin by covering all areas you won’t be painting, either by tape or by using a newspaper. Start with a light coat of paint. Spraying over the newspaper or tape is perfectly okay – remember you can remove those afterwards. Use one color and let it dry and then move on to the next. Light coats of paints are recommended. Heavy coats can take longer to dry out and often start running and ruin the design that you’ve planned.

Once you’re done painting, apply a clear coat to finish off your design. Remove the tape or newspaper and you are pretty much done.

Various Paint Options

Acrylic paint tubes
Photo by Pixabay

Depending on your preferences you can either choose to spray paint your surfboard or use Acrylic Paint Markers. Those who are new to the surfing world and just learning how to surf can get advice and help from experts who have experience painting surfboards. This way you can avoid making any easily avoidable mistakes when it comes to painting surfboard art.

You will find acrylic spray paints either in spray or in relatively inexpensive bottles. Choose the colors wisely and only get those that will suit your planned design. If you buy these spray paints in a bottle, you might also need to get a spray gun to actually spray the paint on to the surfboard.

If your surfboard art consists of highly intricate designs, you might want to use acrylic paint markers. Acrylic paint markers come in diverse colors and can be used to draw on the surfboard just like you would with any other regular colored marker. A good way to get the surfboard art done in a professional manner is to use a mixture of both options. You’ll end up with a really cool surfboard that you could show off next time you are out on dawn patrol.

Final Thoughts

Surfboards in front of a house
Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash

Surfboard art is an exciting trend in the surfing world. Be sure to pay attention to the surfboard art, next time you find yourself on a beach or perhaps even when you are out on a dawn patrol. A great place to gain inspiration is to be out on the beach. There are a variety of excellent surf spots in Mexico. You can exclusively visit these surf spots for checking out some amazing surfboard art. Surfing in Mexico is quite popular. In fact, surfing in Mexico really has a charm of its own. Even if you aren’t a surfer yourself, you can have fun on one of the many best beaches in Mexico. And when you’re out there, be sure to keep an eye out for some cool surfboard art. Some of the most amazing surfboard art is found on some of the best beaches in Mexico, so you don’t want to miss out!

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