List Of Must-Have Surf Gear And Accessories You Should Carry

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Ahoy surfers and wave riders!

Planning a surf trip to the beach this summer? Or are you an all-weather surfing fan? Either way, surfing without some cool surf gears is replete with many dangers and inconveniences. So this page lists some of the most essential surf gear that will level up your surfing experience.

Having a beach vacation sans surfing is like having a lemonade without a lemon. But when you go surfing, it’s important to be geared with the right accessories to come back safe and sound from your action-packed holiday.

So to ease your burden, we have listed plenty of things, from unisex surf gear to women surf gear, that you lust definitely tick off your travel bag. Besides, a lot could go wrong when in deep waters, and not all situations can be controlled without having certain tools in hand. In simple words, there are certain precautions and safety measures that are ought to be taken, and many of these gears will help you do just that. Let’s start!

#1. Surfboard

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The surfboard is the basic surf gear that you’ll need for surfing on the waves. There are different kinds of surfing boards available in the market, with an even greater variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. To name a few, you can try your hands on Shortboards, longboards, hybrid, stand up paddleboards, and many more. However, the basic longboard will be the best for surfing for beginners.

To further enhance your surfboard experience, here are a few surfboard accessories that you must add in your travel bag.

Surfboard Fins:

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Fins are another cool surf gear. Just like your car has a steering wheel, fins can give you better control over the direction and your body balance. Besides, just like there’s a variety in surfboards, there are different fins that you can attach to your board, like a single fin, double, quad, thrusters, etc.

Surfboard Leash:

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Just as the name suggests, the surfboard leash connects the surfer to the surfboard. So plain and simple, whenever you fall off your board, your board will not drift away. So, isn’t it a cool surf gear to buy?

Surf Wax Or Adhesive Grip:

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Water can make your surfboard slippery, which can make you slip off when surfing. To solve this, you can use a surf wax, which when rubbed on the board, adds traction to it. On the other hand, if you think that it will be hard to clean off the wax from your surfboard, you may go for an adhesive grip.

#2. Surf Earplugs

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Though sounds insignificant, surf earplugs are another important surf gear that you must carry along on your trip. Normally, when exposed to extremely cold wind or water, the bone enclosing the ear canal thickens, which may even require surgical intervention. And surfers are obviously prone to these circumstances. It is, in fact, more prominent if you are above thirty. So this is also an essential checkbox to tick in your surf vacation list, so try and get them from reliable surf gear brands.

#3. Shark Repellents

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Shark repellent for surfers is another must-have surf gear in your surfing kit. Sharks inhabit the oceans, so you’ll never really know if your surfing waters are actually shark-free. For this, thanks to the technological advancements, you can assure your safety with a shark repellent device. These come as lightweight, rechargeable wearables, that release squeals, like that of Orcas (Shark’s natural predators). Thus, you and the sharks, will both be safe.

#4. Clothing Surf Gear

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For the ultimate surfing experience, adequate clothing is essential.for instance, you’ll need a wetsuit for surfing, besides, if you wish to save yourself from the wetsuit irritation, you must wear a rash guard t-shirt underneath it. It will protect also protect you from the sun. similarly, the neoprene ones, help surfers to stay in colder waters for long as it reduces the effects of the cold waters. In addition, if you are planning your surfing excursion in ice-cold water, you’ll need hoods, gloves, boots, etc, in addition to basic clothing. This is an especially important aspect when it comes to women surf gear.

#5. Surf Watch

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A super cool surf gear, surf watches are all equipped with analytical information about the wind speed, wave height, and whatnot, apart from time. In recent years, many men and women surf watches have entered the market with smart technologies like GPS, WiFi, etc, that help them delivering information in real-time.

#6. Go Pro Camera

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All the wave action is incomplete unless you capture it and show it off to the world. For this, you’ll need a camera, and what’s better than a GoPro? You can easily find GoPro cameras, that are super lightweight, waterproof, and some are even voice-controlled. So this cool surf gear is a must-have in your surf bag.

#7. Surf Gear Beach Chair

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While surfing is an action-packed sport, you’ll need a comfy beach chair to give your tired body some rest. To add more to the convenience section, many Surf gear beach chairs come laced with adjustable pillows and additional pockets to hold your drinks and stuff. Besides, they come in vibrant colors and lightweight for travel comfort.

#8. Some Additional Surf Gears And Accessories

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  • Wet/ Dry Bags: You will need this to carry back wet or dry clothes, towels, etc.
  • Board Carrier: Board carriers will help you carry your huge surfboards with absolute convenience. It could be a shoulder carrier or a full coverage bag that will protect your surfboard from all accidental damages.
  • Sunscreens: Sunscreens are not just for sunbathers on the beachside. The effects of the sun get further highlighted when (surfing) in water. Thus, you must apply sunscreen for skin protection.
  • Portable Shower: If your surfing spot is off the league, it will be hard to find showers to wash away the sand and ocean salts. In this case, a portable shower will be a blessing.

But From Where Will You Get The Best Quality Surf Gear And Accessories?

So while you have been through the list of the essential surf gears that you must carry along on your surf trip, here are a few surf gear websites from where you can buy quality accessories. So let’s start with clothing surf gear, for which Quicksilver and Billabong are the most sought after surf gear brands. Be it women surf gear, or that for men’s, these surf gear websites, have all kinds of surfing stuff. While Hurley is an innovative brand if you need to buy board shorts. Also, Roxy is one of the amazing surf gear websites for buying women surf gear.

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Ready To Conquer The Waves?

So while surfing is already not a complicated sport, you can further upgrade the ease by carrying adequate surf gear and accessories with you. And once you have them all in your arsenal, you are ready to conquer the waves. Just do it!

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