Wake Surfing In Mexico – Tips For Beginners

wake surfing

Wake surfing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. When you visualize yourself trailing behind a speeding boat in leaps and bounds, it gives you the jitters.

But let’s assure you, it’s a fantastic watersport that’s equally interesting and captivating like the rest. Still dreading about it? If you think the boat controls the surfer, NO! The surfer just follows the wake caused by the moving boat. After a while, he/she drops the rope once he gains the momentum and follows the trail. So now you know how this breed of surfing got its name.

Let’s focus on prepping you up for an amazing wake surfing experience. If you are passionate about surfing and have already surfed a couple of times, wake surfing is going to be a cakewalk for you.

Are you on the lookout for some motivation and tips? Voila! You have it here, take a sneak peek below. We have some great tips for wake surfing beginners. Before we start let’s tell you, you cannot practice wake surfing without being a professional surfer.

Wake Surfing Tips For Beginners

1. Use the right boat

Wake surfing speed boat
Photo by Simon Hesthaven on Unsplash

This is really IMPORTANT since you need to give high priority for safety. So make sure you go for the right boat. Several boats are manufactured and fine-tuned for wake surfing so it produces the perfect waves required for wave surfing. There must be a considerable distance between the surfer and the boat. So keep all that in mind before you decide the boat.

2. Pick the perfect wake surfboard

wake surf board
Photo by Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

Here you cannot compromise with the normal surfboard. There are plenty of surfboards available in the market and go only for the one that can be used for wake surfing.

Specifically, ask for wake surfboards so that you don’t end up buying a normal one. We highly recommend a “hybrid style” surfboard. These surfboards have a larger surface area and make it really convenient for people to stand on it without any hassle (perfect for beginners).

If you are a professional surfer you can manage even with an ordinary board, but advice would be to not take any chances.

3. Buy the best rope

Do not go for simple slippery ropes. Get the ones that are tangled and specially designed for wake surfing. This is because you need to get a good grip on it. Since chances of tripping and falling down are high you need a rope to cling onto. Also, you have to be really comfortable and enjoy surfing so make sure the rope doesn’t hurt your hands. The rope mustn’t be very heavy.

4. Get the right balance

Wake surfing balance
Photo by Jase Ess on Unsplash

Start it really slow and when you slowly gain the right balance speed up. Always hold on to the rope and put your heels on the board when you stand up. That’s the only technique in getting the right balance for wake surfing.

5. Fall gently

Wake surfing fall
Photo by Mick De Paola on Unsplash

Falling is not at all a rarity in this breed of sport. Do not jump into the water when you take the fall, instead, fall gently. Doing so, you will not be prone to any injuries. Also, you are not sure how deep or shallow is the water.

Place yourself in the right position of the boat to get the proper wake surfing stance. Place your feet on the top of the board and hold the rope with any one hand. Your feet should be pointing towards the sky. This position will help you stand sideways.

6. Know when to speed up and slow down

The best part of surfing is you have complete control of your speed by just using your feet. Use your front foot when you really need to speed up and use your back foot to slow down. These are the basics of surfing and mastering this will take you to heights in wake surfing.

If your left foot is forward you are known as a regular and if your right foot is forward then you are called a goofy.

7. Use your legs

Wake surfing
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Yes, stand up using your legs and not your biceps! The most common misconception is that surfers use their biceps to pull themselves out of the water. Then why do we have boats? Boats help you pull you out of the water and all you need to do is use your feet in its full might to get adequate balance and stand. You can take a squatting position and then stand which makes it really convenient.

8. Do not give up

Let’s go by the saying practice makes a man perfect, the same is applied for surfing. You will never get it right when you do it for the first time. But our advice would be to remain patient and wait until you master it. Once you learn the tips and tricks of the trade you will fall in love with it like never before.


Is wake surfing dangerous?

Is wake surfing dangerous?
Photo by Pixabay

Not really if you make sure the above tips are put into practice. Majority of the problems arise when one does not go for a good wake surfing boat. Sometimes the boat speeds up out of the ordinary injuring the surfer. Some have even faced death due to this sheer reason. Therefore, it is really necessary to go for wake surfing with the right equipment and surf gear.


Benefits of wake surfing

Good for health

Like any other sport, even wake surfing is good for health. It is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise since it mainly uses the upper body muscle. It is equal to an intense workout in the gym. Wakesurfing twice a week should be good enough to stay healthy.

Great source of Vitamin D

Source of Vitamin D
Photo by

When you are always enclosed in an airconditioned room there is a high possibility of losing Vitamin D. People with Vitamin D deficiency are on the rise these days. So one of the best ways to NOT be prone to it is by exposing yourself to the sun. Is there any other better way than being out there on the beach wake surfing?

For a healthy mind

Doing anything new and out of the ordinary always helps us improve our self-confidence. There is no room for negative thoughts when you are out there surfing and beating every wave. A healthy body paves the way for a healthy soul and mind. So brave the heat and challenges you encounter by wave surfing and you will reap the benefits more than ever you could ask for.



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