Why You Must Try Kite Surfing In Cancun, Mexico?

Kitesurfing in Cancun

Do you want to try your kitesurfing skills in international waters? Why not travel to popular surfing destinations such as Cancun Mexico? This beautiful destination is known for its serene waters and lush landscapes.

The waves in Cancun aren’t to the extreme which makes this travel destination the perfect spot for kitesurfing. This is especially true if you’re a beginner kitesurfer looking to test out your new skills.

For those of you who don’t know what kitesurfing is, perhaps the following information will be useful to you. It will probably inspire you to pack those bags and go surfing in Mexican waters.

What Is Kite Surfing?

Kitesurfing (aka kiteboarding) is a wind-powered water sport. A board and a kite are combined to allow surfers to glide across the water. Kitesurfers use a parachute or kite that’s controlled by the wind to boost a surfer across the water.

Unlike normal surfing where surfers use the ocean’s waves to perform tricks, kitesurfing doesn’t require waves. All you need is the power of the wind, a sturdy board and a kite to move you along the water with ease.

Kite Designs For Surfing

Inflatable kites are used when kite surfing which is more convenient and safe. The inflatable tubes help keep the kite afloat when you stop surfing and they also help keep the shape of the kite. You wouldn’t be able to use a kite that’s not inflatable as it will be difficult to extract from the water.

Because the kitesurfing kite stays afloat on the water it also adds an extra safety precaution for surfers. If your kite wasn’t inflatable it would sink in the water which can weigh you and the board down. The inflatable tubes ensure the kite never sinks but instead the wind re-launches the kite into the air when it hits the water.

Kites come in various sizes and you can pick one according to the board you have. Your choice should also depend on the strength of the wind in certain regions. But the design has changed over the years to make kitesurfing easier for surfers. Now you can get the following kite designs:
– C-kite
– SLE (supporting leading edge)
– Bow kite

Boards For Kitesurfing

The boards designed for kitesurfing are symmetrical and are also known as twin tips. You’ll also find directional boards that are almost the same as normal surfboards which are perfect for riding high waves.

Boards used for kitesurfing are typically small as larger boards affect a surfer’s speed. Larger boards are used for beginner kitesurfers because the speed will be low. This helps the novice surfer gain control and balance of a board.

4 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Kitesurf

Kite surfing in Cancun
Photo by Jim Thirion on Unsplash

1. Kitesurfing Is For Everyone

You may think that kitesurfing should be left to the professionals. But the truth is anyone can learn how to kitesurf. Kids can learn as well as the older generation; you simply need the right attitude. If you take up consistent kitesurfing lessons you will be part of the pro team in no time.

All you have to do is find a premium surf camp near you. As a trainee, you’ll learn how to balance on your board and how to harness the power of the wind to help you glide across the water. You’ll learn how to steer your kite as well as the board and a few basic safety precautions.

2. Kitesurfing Doesn’t Require Strength

You don’t need any physical strength at all to steer your kite or your board. The kite does all the work for you but once you’ve mastered the technique you can kitesurf with ease. You’ll enjoy the control you have over your board and kite.

3. This Sport Is Easy To Learn

If you go for regular lessons you can be confident in the water in less than two weeks. If you have the right mindset and you’re passionate about learning how to kitesurf you’re bound to feel confident and then it will become easy for you.

4. Helps You Befriend Likeminded Individuals

The people in the kitesurfing community are friendly and informative individuals. If you’re a novice kitesurfer you’ll be welcomed with open arms and you will learn more from the pros.

Kitesurfers come from all over the world so you’d be sure to meet some very interesting individuals. It’s also advisable that if you’re a beginner you should always be accompanied by a professional kitesurfer. Helping one another on the water builds excellent rapport in your kitesurfing community.

Why is Cancun Such a Popular Travel Destination?

Kite surfing in Cancun
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Cancun Mexico has the most stunning beaches. With the destination’s crystal clear waters and white sand beaches who wouldn’t want to visit Cancun? Because of Cancun’s beautiful beaches, it makes this travel destination one of the top recognized places in the world for extreme water sports like surfing.

Cancun beaches attract surfers because of the clear waters. It could be a safety feature as surfers can clearly see if there are sharks approaching. But other than that Cancun Mexico is where the best restaurants, clubs and hotels are situated.

Is Surfing Popular In Cancun, Mexico?

Normal board surfing, as well as kitesurfing, are popular in Cancun, Mexico. You simply need to know where the best beaches in Mexico are situated. If you’re looking for surf spots in Mexico, Cancun is your best bet. All the popular surfing beaches are located on the northern side of the Hotel Zone.

If you’re looking for other places in Cancun, go to the beaches listed below. These waters are best for flyboarding, jet skiing and kitesurfing:
– Playa Delfines
– Playa Chac Mool
– Playa Ballenas


Another advantage of this water sport is you can travel with your kitesurfing equipment. This makes it an inexpensive sport to perform overseas as you won’t have to hire a kitesurfing harness or board.

So why not take your new kitesurfing skills to the Mexican Pipeline and enjoy gliding across their turquoise waters? You may meet other kitesurfers along the way and build your network. Take your kitesurfing gear and ride those Mexican waves.

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