Rocks And Caves of Cacahuamilpa (Las Grutas de Cacahuamilpa)

If you take a look between Guerrero and Morelos you will find hidden gems below the ground in the form of caves and rocks. Located about half an hour from Taxco is the amazing national park of Grutas de Cacahuamilpa.

This place is THE place to be if you love caves in Mexico or even across the world. These amazing caves are located in the Sierra Madre Sur mountain range which goes into both Morelos & Guerrero. It was 1834 when these beautiful caves were 1st discovered and then in 1836 they ended up being declared a naturally protected area by the government.

When you venture inside the caves of Cacahuamilpa you will see they contain an amazing array of figures that makes you imagine the people who were here hundreds of years ago. The cool thing about this tour is that there are over 90 rooms that have been declared accessible to the general public. To see all of them plan on it taking approx. 2 hours.

Amate Tree Roots Entrada A Las Grutas de Cacahuamilpa

The 1.24 mile walk is considered a bit of a long walk but is well worth it and quite pleasurable as you get to see glimpses of the people from long ago.

The guides are quite informative and give you many details and stories along the way making the tour that much more fun. The tours generally start at 10AM every day. There are some of the caves that make up the system of caves that are about 6.2 miles in length! The various caves can reach from 100 to 230 feet in height! The caves are naturally dark so lighting is necessary and has been provided for the tour.

The lighting really allows you to see the beauty of the limestone that hangs from the roof of the caves which are called stalactite and the limestone that rises from the ground which are called stalagmite formations.

Sadly, access to all of the pathways in the caves are forbidden. So, that is why you must take the guided tour that starts on the hour every hour. The guides really are good at pointing out various formations in the rocks though. At the end of the tour you can take your time going back to the entrance if you do not have any issues with being in the dark. For lodging options near by please visit our hotels in Grutas de Cacahuamilpa page.

Grutas de Cachuamilpa

Otherwise, keep up with the guides since they will not wait for you. Also, the guides for the most part do not speak english so I hope you understand spanish or at least have someone with you to translate. 😉

Not only are the caves amazing but a lot of people like to picnic on the 6,672 acres the park has to offer that are filled with tree’s, open areas and animals and critters of all kinds.

The animals that are in the park range from badgers, snakes, iguanas, lynx, cougars and ocelot as well. So, pay attention so you can view some of natures most precious creatures.

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